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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dkt. Mahiga ahutubia Mabalozi Ikulu, Dar es Salaam

Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, Mhe. Dkt. Augustine Mahiga (Mb) akihutubiaWaheshimiwa Mabalozi na Wawakilishi wa Mashirika ya Kimataifa (hawapo pichani) kwa niaba ya Mhe. Rais katika hafla ya mwaka mpya ya wanadiplomasia iliyofanyika  Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.
Sehemu ya Waheshimiwa Mabalozi wakisikiliza hotuba kutoka kwa Mhe. Dkt. Augustine Mahiga  katika hafla ya mwaka mpya iliyohudhuriwa na Mabalozi wote nchini pamoja na Wawakilishi wa Mashirika ya Kimataifa yaliyopo nchini.

 Kutoka kushoto ni Kaimu Katibu Mkuu, Balozi Ramadhani Muombwa Mwinyi akisikiliza hotuba kutoka kwa Mhe. Waziri Augustine Mahiga  katika hafla ya mwaka mpya kwa Mabalozi Ikulu.
Kaimu Mkuu wa Mabalozi, Mhe. Edzai Chimonyo ambaye ni Balozi wa Zimbabwe hapa nchini akihutubia hafla hiyo ya Mwaka mpya kwa Waheshimiwa Mabalozi. Mwenye mkoba ni Naibu Waziri, Dkt. Susan Kolimba na Kaimu Katibu Mkuu (kulia).
Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Mawasiliano ya Serikali katika Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa ambaye pia alikuwa mshereheshaji wa hafla ya mwaka mpya kwa Mabalozi, Bi. Mindi Kasiga akisoma program na utaratibu wa hafla hiyo.

Sehemu ya Mabalozi wakisikiliza hotuba ya Mhe Kaimu Mkuu wa Mabalozi alipokuwa akihutubia katika Hafla ya mwaka mpya kwa mabalozi iliyofanyika jana Ikulu

Baadhi ya Wakuu wa Idara/Vitengo kutoka Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa wakisikiliza hotuba ya Mhe. Waziri  Dkt Augustine Mahiga hayupo pichani.

Mhe. Waziri wa ,Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, Mhe. Dkt Augustine Mahiga akiendelea kuhutubia katika hafla ya mwaka mpya kwa mabalozi na wawakilishi wa Mashirika ya kimataifa hapa nchini.
Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, Mhe. Dkt. Augustine Mahiga, Naibu Waziri, Dkt. Suzan Kolimba na Kaimu Katibu Mkuu, Balozi Ramadhani Mwinyi wakitoa mkono wa salamu za mwaka mpya kwa Mabalozi katika hafla iliyofanyika jana Ikulu.
Waliokaa ni Mhe. Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje, Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki, Kikanda na Kimataifa, Mhe. Dkt. Augustine Mahiga, wa pili kutoka kulia; Mhe. Naibu Waziri, Dkt. Susan Kolimba, wa kwanza kushoto akifuatiwa na Kaimu Mkuu wa Mabalozi, Balozi Edzai Chimonyo na Kaimu Katibu Mkuu Balozi Ramadhan Muombwa Mwinyi wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Waheshimiwa Mabalozi na Wawakilishi wa Mashirika ya Kimataifa.

Honourable Dr. Suzan Kolimba, Deputy Minister for
Foreign Affairs, East African, Regional and
International Cooperation,
Your Excellency Idzai Chimonyo, Ambassador of the
Republic of Zimbabwe and Acting Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps,
Ambassador Ramadhan Mwinyi, Acting Permanent
Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, East
African, Regional and International Cooperation
Your Excellencies, Ambassadors and High Commisioners,
Excellencies, Heads of International Organizations,
Other Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcoming Remarks

I am pleased to welcome you all to the State House this
evening. I am very delighted, as it is my first time to host
such an auspicious occasion as the 5th President of the
United Republic of Tanzania. At the outset, I would like to
thank God for his blessings throughout the year 2015,
and for granting us this opportunity to meet today as
we celebrate the New Year 2016.
Allow me belatedly, to extend to your Excellencies, your
families, staff and leaders my warmest wishes for the New
Year 2016. I know you are just back from the holiday
season, in the months of December and January, I thank
you for taking your time to attend this occasion. It is my
great pleasure to welcome you together to the State House.
Your presence here today of almost all of the envoys
accredited to the United Republic of Tanzania reaffirms
the good relations with your countries and the
Organisations that you represent.
Excellencies, let me also convey through you my warm
greetings and gratitude to your respective Heads of State
and Government as well as Heads of Regional and

International Organisations for the warm congratulatory
messages that I have been receiving from them on my
assumption of office. Although I have replied to them,
through you I wish to once again reassure them of my
friendship and cooperation of my Government and I look
forward to continued cordial relations and partnership
among our governments and citizens.
On the occasion of this traditional diplomatic gathering,
the President gets an opportunity to share with you some
highlights of what transpired in the nation in the previous
year, and to look forward on some of our priorities in the
coming year. It is not yet too late in the month of February
to restate our goals and marshal our energies and
resources for achieving them.

Domestic Situation
Excellencies, as you all know, in October 2015 we held
General Elections; and as witnessed by various observer
groups, they were conducted in a fair, free and peaceful
manner. The campaigns were intense, highly competitive
yet peacefully conducted. There was a high voters turnout
compared to previous elections with a visible participation
of Women and young and new voters. Moreover, the
tallying process was transparent assisted by the use of
electronic means. The handing over of the administration
for the fifth time in a row, was orderly and peaceful. This
is a clear demonstration that Tanzania ’s democracy
continues to grow and mature consistent with the unity,
peace and stability of our country. At this point, I would
like on behalf of the government to thank all those who
supported us during the entire electoral process including
the international observers who monitored the elections
and affirmed its outcome on mainland Tanzania.

Now that elections are over in the Mainland, it is time to
work, as it was my motto during the election campaigns
and now of my administration, “Its time to Work, Nothing
Else” (Hapa Kazi Tu!). New governments come with new
strengths, new thoughts, and new zeal and new zest. I
count on your support in my efforts to transform and revitalize
the integrity of the government, respect of human
rights, good performance and sustainable socio-economic
change for the benefit of all Tanzanians. I should also at
this forum reiterate Tanzania’s resolve to fight domestically
and globally against international terrorism,
drug and human trafficking as well as the spread of small
arms and light weapons. We appeal to our partners to assist
us especially in the areas of information sharing, capacity
building and technical support in these challenging
Excellencies, I am sure most of you are expecting me also
to speak about the difficult election outcomes in the Isles
of Zanzibar. I do not have to remind you that although the
United Republic of Tanzania is one country, Zanzibar has
its own political system and tradition. It has its own

constitution, government and an independent Electoral
Commission. The Commission annulled the election
results in Zanzibar following gross irregularities especially
in Pemba. A new date has been set for fresh elections in
accordance with the Zanzibar constitutional requirements.
Dialogues has been going on since November 2015 among
the main political parties without reaching a consensus on
how to resolve the disputed election outcomes. The main
opposition party is claiming unilateral victory from the
October elections while the ruling party and other parties
see the need for another round of elections.
Excellencies, in this situation, it is common political
wisdom that such a political impasse or a non
participation in the elections does not auger well for the
peace and stability of Zanzibar. The door is still open for
the dialogue on how to make the forthcoming elections
free, fair and transparent according to internationally
acceptable democratic practices. Refusal to participate in
the elections is to reject an olive branch for compromise
from the government and recipe for protracted political
antagonism in the next five years. We urge, as the majority

of Tanzanians do, for the opposition to validate their
claims through the ballot box. There is no better way of
resolving this impasse than through another round of free,
fair and transparent elections. We hope all genuine friends
of Zanzibar and Tanzania as a whole will support this
option. Meanwhile, peace and tranquility is prevailing in
Zanzibar. The peaceful status quo in Tanzania is too
precious to be disturbed. It is not too late to find an
agreeable solution in Zanzibar.
Excellencies, it would be remiss if I do not register my
gratitudes to my predecessor, H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,
for handing over to me a very stable country in all
aspects with friends like you from all corners of the globe.
Through his able leadership and of Chama cha Mapinduzi,
the past five years has seen our economy growing at the
average of 7 percent and we have witnessed encouraging
progress in many socio economic sectors. We could not
have done it by ourselves without your support. We appreciate
your contribution. Please continue supporting
and working with us particularly now that we have a very
ambitious development plans for the betterment of

all Tanzanians especially those lower echelons of society.
Excellencies, despite recorded achievements, we are still
facing major hindrances on our way to achieving a
prosperous Tanzania. Poverty, unemployment and
corruption have remained to be among the major
challenges confronting us. We are striving hard to overcome
these challenges because we know that our vision
of becoming a middle-income country by 2025 will not be
reached if we do not address them comprehensively.
In our efforts to address these challenges,
among other things, we are working to reduce bureaucratic
red tape and accelerate implementation of Government’s
decisions. We are also making efforts to reduce
Government spending; promote discipline, accountability
and transparency in the Government and the
public sector as a whole starting with revenue collection
as you have seen.

We envision a corrupt free Tanzania and this can only
succeed by working together at both national and
international levels. We must fight both demand and
supply side of corruption. On this note, I take this
opportunity to appreciate and applaud the Government of
the United Kingdom for taking the lead by returning the
money taken corruptly from our country. It is only
through such a genuine cooperation, commitment and
partnership that we will be able to eliminate corruption in
our countries.
Excellencies, our emphasis in these five years is on appropriate
industrial development. And again, to achieve
this goal we are looking forward to working with you, our
Development Partners, the private sector and other
important stakeholders. My Government will continue to
create a conducive environment for investors both from
inside and outside the country. Help us to identify areas
and gaps which need to be addressed in order create a
more friendly investor climate in Tanzania. This will in
turn accelerate economic growth of the country, reduce

poverty, increase standard of living of our people and
generate employment for Tanzanians, especially the youth.
Excellencies, my Government is also working to improve
other key economic sectors such as education, health,
agriculture, infrastructure and energy. Power generation,
rural electrification and development of the central railway
corridor will be among our major priorities. In terms of
education, we have already embarked on providing free
education for all from primary to secondary level. As I
speak, we have already started to implement this and we
will strive to extend it to other levels in coming years.
Excellencies, wildlife and forest conservation will receive
urgent attention in the face of the alarming destruction of
our wildlife and forests. We want to live up to our obligation
as custodians of wild heritage of our beautiful
national parks and other historical and cultural
attractions. Let me at this point again pay my deep
condolences to the British Helicopter Pilot Roger Gower
who tragically lost his life in Northern Tanzania while
working with Tanzania’s authorities in the fights against

illegal poaching of elephants in our national parks and
game reserves. His life should not be lost in vein, I call
upon all friends of Tanzania to join us in this war to save
the BIG FIVE and other rare fauna and flora in the
wilderness of Tanzania.
Regional Cooperation
Excellencies, my Administration will continue to build on
the foundation of good relations laid down by my
predecessors based on, among others, our Foreign Policy
of good neighbourliness. Tanzania will continue to be
committed to the regional bodies, and we will work with
other members to uphold and advance the principles of
the East African Community (EAC); the Southern African
Development Community (SADC); the International
Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR); as well as
the African Union (AU). Undoubtedly, you have all been
witnesses of our foreign policy being put in practice by
assisting our neighbours in conflict resolutions as well as
hosting refugees and asylum seekers. We will cooperate
with fellow member countries to maintain peace, security,
stability and development in our respective Regions.

Excellencies, now that we are embarking on industrial
economy, we will endeavour to take advantage of the
regional markets. My Government will intensify
sensitization programmes to create awareness among the
private sector and thus increase growth while stimulate
production and businesses. We will continue to commit to
the implementation of already concluded protocols in the
region such as Free trade, Customs Union and Common
Excellencies; as the current Chair of the East African
Community, we have had to deal with the evolving political
situation in Burundi, which is a concern not only to Tanzania,
but also to the Region, the whole continent and
peace loving citizens of the world. Tanzania will continue
to work closely with all stakeholders in searching for a
peaceful and lasting solution to the Burundi crisis.
We are of the view that in order to achieve sustainable
peace and security in Burundi, inclusive dialogue is the
only solution. Tanzania has reservations the use of force

at this stage in dealing with the current political crisis
without the consent of Burundi. We are at the same time
encouraging dialogue between Burundi and the African
Union because Burundi has genuine security concerns
which require support from the Arican Union and the
international community. It is in this spirit that we
applaud the concerted efforts by H.E. Yoweri Museveni,
President of the Republic of Uganda who on behalf of the
East African Community is a mediator of this conflict. We
are concerned that a festering political crisis in Burundi
will exacerbate an already difficult economic situation in
Burundi which can easily lead to institutional stress with
dire security consequences in Burundi and the region as a

International Cooperation
Excellencies, 2015 was a very eventful year for the
international community. Among other events, we
celebrated 7 decades of our noble organisation the United
Nations. In the same year, we also winded up the
implementation of the Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs) which Tanzania achieved four of them and
subsequently, led to the adoption of the Agenda 2030 for
Sustainable Development.
Excellencies, Tanzania will continue to participate in the
United Nations and African Union peace keeping
operations as her contribution to the maintenance of
international and regional peace and security. Tanzania
has a long history of generous hosting of Refugees long
before independence. We pledge to respect this
international humanitarian obligation. We appeal for
equally generous international burden sharing on this
issue especially as refugee hosting comes with numerous
demographic, environmental, economic and social
challenges to the countries of asylum like Tanzania.

As you may recall, in December 2015 the global leaders
adopted a historic agreement- The Paris Agreement, in
Paris. This Agreement will take over from the Kyoto
Protocol in 2020 and will decide the future of our Planet.
We, as Member Countries must ensure that we adhere to
these agreements. There has to be a close follow-up and
review mechanism of these new global Agreements and
Goals so as to be sure of their successful implementation.
My Government has plans in place to ensure that this
takes place effectively. But we know that we cannot
achieve any of these without our joint efforts, we therefore
once again urge for your cooperation and necessary support
in these endeavours.
Excellencies, before I conclude, I would like to emphasise
the role of women in development of the country and Tanzania
will continue to do its best so that women continue
to be part and parcel of our development endeavours. We

have shown this by electing our first ever-female Vice
President, H.E. Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan. My
Government will also continue to empower each Tanzanian
so that no one will be left behind as pledged in the
Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. In the same
vein, every individual has to play their role in ensuring
that we achieve our goals.
Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the year
2016, I promise you my Government’s full cooperation and
I look forward to working with you.
I thank you.

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