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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SADC Stops for Mbita

Vice President of The United Republic of Tanzania (red tie), Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal with other delegates observe a minute of silence in honor of Brigadier Mbita during SADC Summit in Harare.

President of Zimbabwe and Chairman of Southern African Development Community (SADC), H.E Robert Mugabe (C) here looks sad following the death of Brigadier Hashim Mbita. President Mugabe before, He led the Summit to observe a minute of silence in honor of Brigadier Mbita, reminded the Summit on major activities that Late Brig. Mbita did during liberation struggle of African Continent.

Heads of State and Government of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe, today paid glowing tribute to the late Brigadier General Hashim Mbita.

The SADC Chairman, President Robert Mugabe, led the Summit in observing a minute of silence in honour of Brigadier Mbita, who was the Executive Secretary of the OAU Liberation Committee for nearly two decades from 1974.

"He supriintended the programme of all liberation groups (from Southern Africa) in Tanzania. He oversaw the formation and organization of the groups, sourcing of materials, programme of training and deployment," recalled Predident Mugabe, who was a beneficiary.

He said they received the news of Brigadier Mbita's passing with "a deep sense of sorrow."
During the last SADC Summit in August, President Mugabe awarded Brigadier Mbita the highest national honour of Zimbabwe, "The Order of Munhumutapa" and 100,000 US dollars for his contribution to the liberation of that country as well as Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Cape Verde and Sout

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