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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dkt. Mahadhi mgeni rasmi maadhimisho siku ya Taifa la Iran

 Balozi wa Iran nchini Tanzania,Mh.Mehdi Aghajafari akimpokea Naibu Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa Mh.Dkt.Mahadhi Juma Maalim (Mb) alipowasili katika hafla ya kusherehekea siku ya Taifa la Iran iliyofanyika kwenye makazi ya Balozi huyo Jijini Dar es Salaam jana usiku.
Naibu Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa Mh.Dkt.Mahadhi Juma Maalim (Mb) akizungumza mbele ya wageni mbalimbali walioalikwa katika hafla ya siku ya Taifa la Iran iliyofanyika kwenye makazi ya balozi wa Iran Jijini Dar es Salaam.
 Balozi wa Syria nchini, Mhe.Abdulmonem Annan (kushoto) Jaji mkuu wa Tanzania,  Mhe. Mohamed Chande Othman (katikati) na Balozi wa Yemen nchini, Mhe.Abdulla Hassan Alamri wakimsikiliza kwa makini Mgeni Rasmi kwenye hafla ya Siku ya Iran, Naibu waziri Dkt. Mahadhi.
 Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Mashariki ya Kati katika Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Balozi Hassan Simba Yahaya (kulia) akiwa na Maafisa kutoka Wizara hiyo Bw. Mkumbwa Ally (kushoto) na Bw. Leonce Bilauri (katikati) wakifuatilia hotuba ya Naibu Waziri (hayupo pichani) katika hafla hiyo.

 Naibu Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Mhe.Dkt.Mahadhi Juma Maalim (Mb.) akisalimiana na Balozi wa Syria nchini Mhe. Abdulmonem Annan kwenye sherehe hizo.
 Jaji Mkuu wa Tanzania, Mhe.Mohamed Chande Othman akizungumza jambo na  Mhe.Dkt.Mahadhi kwenye hafla ya siku ya Iran.

Picha na Reuben Mchome


Your Excellency Ambassador Mahdi, Aghajafari Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
Your Excellency Juma Alfani Mpango, Ambassador of the Republic of Congo and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps;
Your Excellency Nasri Abujaish, Ambassador of the State of Palestine, and Dean of the Arab Group
Your Excellencies Ambassadors and High Commissioners;
Your Excellencies Heads of Diplomatic Missions;
Your Excellencies Heads of International Organizations;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel very honoured to stand before you on this special evening when we mark the auspicious event of the 36th National Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Indeed it is a particular privilege to join you all this evening as I represent the Government and the people of the United Republic of Tanzania to celebrate this historic day in the history of your beautiful country Your Excellency.
Your Excellency,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
At this juncture, allow me therefore, on behalf of the Government and the People of the United Republic of Tanzania, to take this opportunity to extend to Your Excellency, and through you to the Government and the People of the Islamic Republic of Iran, our profound and heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of celebrating the 36th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of your country.
Your Excellency,
As we join you in this auspicious occasion, I wish to express my satisfaction on the bilateral relations that so happily exist between our two countries and our peoples despite being geographically separated by a long distance.
Such a good relationship can be traced back 1,000 years ago, when Iranians, then under the Shiraz Empire sailed to East Africa.

Tanzania and Iran also have a connection of culture, where there is some similarities of words in both Swahili as well as Persian languages. The Swahili words, "chai" = tea, "achari" = pickle, "serikali" = government, "diwani" = councillor, "sheha" = village councillor, are some of the words also used in Persian bearing testimony to the older connections with Persian merchants. 

Your Excellency,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our two countries already have a good framework for bilateral cooperation.
This is the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC), to coordinate cooperation in the trade, economic, technical and cultural spheres. We are all aware of the inherent obstacles that have militated against the role initially envisaged for the Joint Commission. It is our duty, to learn from our experiences and work together to find ways to make (JPC) arrangement more effective to strengthen our cooperation.

The two countries maintain good cooperation in different sectors; these include health, agriculture, culture, and from vocational to higher education. The two countries are geared to expand and strengthen cooperation in many areas of mutual interests of both countries.

At the Government level there have been exchange of visits at the national levels, to mention a few and recent ones include the then First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran who visited Tanzania in 2012 and the then Minister of Information, Youth, Culture and Sport Dr. Emmanuel Nchimbi visited Iran in 2012. Last week Hon. Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran, was in our country for a two day official visit.

At global spheres, both countries have been cooperating in all matters of common concerns in Non Alignment Movements (NAM) and United Nations (UN). Allow me at this occasion to reaffirm our commitment to strengthen the close cooperation that exists between our two friendly countries and people.

Your Excellency,
In contemporary world, we all recognize the power and position of private sector.
Thus, the existing friendly relations between our two countries are set to be the corner stone for further expansion and deepening in trade and investment between our private sectors. The just recent visit by Hon. Dr. Zarif to Tanzania with heavy weight CEOs and other prospective investors from Iran to Tanzania set a stepping stone for forging a close economic cooperation between the two countries by increasing trade and investments. Investors from Iran had fruitful discussions with their counterparts organized by Tanzania Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA).

Through this spirit of enhancing strong cooperation, Tanzania invites more investors from Iran to come to Tanzania to explore opportunities for investment for mutual benefit of both countries. We can expand economic relations to include areas like agribusiness, agro-processing, iron ore and ore extraction and processing, banking and tourism. To walk the talk, I am very happy to note that during the visit by Hon. Zarif, Tanzania and Iran have signed Bilateral Agreement on the Promotion and Protection of the Investments between the two Countries. On the same vein, the third round of negotiations on Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention from Fiscal Evasion (DTA) are underway.

Your Excellency,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Your Excellency, once again, it is an honour for me to share with you this celebrations of your great country National Day, and I wish to reiterate our sincere congratulations to Your Excellency and  through you, to the Government and brotherly people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for marking 36th anniversary of your great Islamic Revolution.

We wish you more success in the coming years and decades.
Thank you all for listening.

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