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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Membe: We are committed to settle the Lake Nyasa dispute

 Hon. Membe in Katumbasongwe

Hon. Bernard K. Membe (MP), Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation is talking to residents of Katumbasongwe, offshore of the Lake Nyasa, in Kyela District - Mbeya Region.  Hon. Membe assured them peace, security and wanted them to continue with their daily activites.

Residents of Katumbasongwe are doing their daily activities near offshore of the Lake Nyasa.

Residents of Katumbasongwe are busy doing their daily activities such as washing dishes and bathing kids.  Witnessing the activities is Journalist and Owner of Jamhuri Newspaper, Mr. Jakton Manyerere (2nd left).

Hon. Membe witnessing some of daily activities of Katumbasongwe residents.  Minister Membe was in Mbeya Region for a two-day tour around the Kyela District and offshore areas near the Lake Nyasa which ended yesterday.

 .....while in Matema

Hon. Membe assured residents of Matema peace and security, asking them to continue with their daily activites. Matema is located in the offshore of Lake Nyasa in Kyela District. During his meeting, Hon. Membe said the Government will to continue its efforts in resolving diplomatically the dispute of Lake Nyasa between Tanzania and Malawi.  

The Matema residents listening to Hon. Membe (not in the photos) explanation of the dispute of Lake Nyasa between Tanzania and Malawi.  Both countries have been in dispute over the Lake Nyasa, whereas Malawi claims ownership of the whole Lake of the area under dispute and Tanzania claims the 50 percent share ownership of the same.

Daily activities in Matema near the offshore of the Lake Nyasa in Mbeya Region.

Fishermen arriving in Matema with their boat, whereas children are playing and bathing on the Lake Nyasa.

Photos by Tagie Daisy Mwakawago  

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