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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vote Tanzania for 7 Natural Wonders of Africa

Please click below link to vote:

(Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Recently, a new competition has been launched for the public to vote for entries into the list of new SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS OF AFRICA. The competition is conducted via the Website, involving twelve (12) tourist attraction sites on the African continent. Tanzania is the only blessed country with most entries in the list: these are Mount Kilimanjaro (top photo), the Ngorongoro Crater (center photo), and the Serengeti National Park (bottom photo).  All Tanzanians and the world at large are sensitized to vote for these three attraction sites.

(Ngorongoro Crater)

In order to ease the voting process, the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has requested the organizers to establish a special website which will direct participants to submit their entries via e-mail, bearing the subject title “TANZANIA,” listing the names of the three entries. The competition also allows participants to propose not more than four other tourist attractions which they deem fit for inclusion in the list of the SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS of Africa.

(The Serengeti National Park)

This competition will provide yet another opportunity for Tanzania to identify herself and educate the rest of the world that Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa; the Serengeti Park, famous for the annual spectacular animal migration; and the Ngorongoro Crater, the natural and cultural World Heritage Site; are all located in Tanzania.

Seize this opportunity and vote for the entry of all the Tanzania tourist attractions into the list of the NEW SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS OF AFRICA.
For more information on Tanzania’s tourist attractions visit:

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