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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nje Sports club beat NSSF 3-1 in Soccer pairing

Nje Sports Club yesterday put up a spirited fight to beat National Social Security Fund (NSSF) 3-1 in a tough soccer pairing held at the Leaders Club in Dar es salaam.

NjeSports Club were the most organised team the from the outset banking on a good defence led by Kombo Mohamed and Sam Sherukindo and striker Cosato Chumi. Nje suffered the first blow, when one of its fependable defender suffered mussle pull closer to the end of the first half.

Sam was replaced by a youthful defender, Cheka.

It was a combination of Nje's striker Ally Bujiku, Kosato Chuma and and Christopher Mwitula that enabled them to score most of the goals especially in the first half.

NSSF, wearing green sports outfit entered the pitch confidently but as time ticked, the team lost steam. NSSF's elusive defence of Kasimu Mwandolo will have to blamed for the poor show.

The two teams agreed for a pairing in two weeks time.

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